14 October 2011


Wordfeud is a multiplayer word game application for iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Android devices. It's basically Scrabble, but named differently. I've been playing this game for months and in the beginning I’d play this game with random people, because not many people I know had this app. This sure has changed. All of a sudden, it has become a real trend. Nowadays it seems like everybody is playing Wordfeud.

Now that most of my friends are on Wordfeud, it has even become more fun for me to play the game. Knowing the person who you beat gives much more satisfaction than winning from a stranger! ;-)

As fun as it is, it started to become an addiction for me. At one point, I was playing 30 games of Wordfeud (against different people) at once. I’m pretty sure this number could have been higher if Wordfeud didn’t put a maximum on the amount of games. Anyway, the game consumed a lot of my time. In between work, during classes… anytime when I had a moment to spare, I turned to Wordfeud. At one point, I decided only to start new games during the weekend, but sometimes a game takes up to two weeks to finish, so that didn’t do me any good either. In the end, I decided to leave the game for a while.

I decided to check myself into Wordfeud rehab ;-)

I haven’t played Wordfeud for almost three weeks and seriously can’t wait to get back to the game.  (I know, it sounds pathetic: Hello my name is Bao-Nhi and I’m a Wordfeud addict ;-)) Next week, I’ve a week off of uni so I’ve some time to spare. I’ve made a pact with myself only to accept games during this weekend. After finishing all the games, I’m going back to Wordfeud rehab again.

Truth to be told, I seriously can’t wait to start playing again! I’ve become pretty good at it over the months. My ‘Wordfeud vocabulary’ has expanded enormously during a short amount of time. English and Dutch are the languages of most of my games. I’ve played one game in French once, but lost that one big time.

So yeah, it’s past midnight in the Netherlands. Which means it’s Friday, which means it’s weekend… Wordfeud time! Ready for my comeback to the game. There’s only one mission for my return: victory! :-)

Bring it on my Wordfeud people!!
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