31 December 2011

Farewell 2011

The time has come, the end is near… 2011 is coming to an end. When we were about to head into 2011, I was prepared for many firsts in this year. A lot of firsts came along, but not the kind of firsts I wanted or expected.

14 December 2011

My Miss Saigon

I'm not the biggest musical fan, because it's just odd to me that people start to sing during an act. Nevertheless, every now and then, I'm intrigued by a story and I can't help myself from going to a musical anyway. Miss Saigon is one of these stories and today was the day that I went to see the musical.

04 December 2011

Mystery gifts

Last year I already posted a blog about receiving a gift from a Secret Santa, who turned out to be a son of my uncle's colleague. This morning I received another mystery gift, but this time it didn't took me long to find out who the sender was.

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