Instead of writing about myself, I figured that I could also make a prezi for you to get to know me a little bit better. So click your way through the prezi and find out 30 things about me that you might not know yet. If you have problems viewing the prezi on my site, you can also watch it on Prezi's site.

Click on the arrow to start
(give it a few seconds to load)

Note for those who are not familiar with Prezi: you can use the arrows to click your way through my presentation. I've set out a path for you to follow. The wonderful thing about Prezi is that you can zoom in on anything in my presentation by clicking on in. If you want to have a closer look at a text, photo or video: just click on it. It will zoom out again when you click on the blue background. Therefore you can also follow your own path in my prezi. Tip: you can browse through my prezi faster when you let fully load first. It will only take a few seconds. (This is because of the amount of photos that I have put in.)

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