14 February 2012

My Valentine...

Exactly ten years ago, I've had the privilege to meet an extraordinary young man who has influenced my course of life during this last decade. Valentine's Day is the anniversary of me meeting Ravi. I wanted to write a blog about my hero, but then realised that I have already written about him last year. You can read about this brave young man in my post 'My Valentine Ravi'.

I just wanted to post another short message to share how grateful I am for Ravi. Meeting him has made me even more determent to work with children and youth, it increased my passion for development aid and it has made me wanting to make a difference in this world even more. He has been in my heart throughout the last decade. I'm still imagining him being somewhere out there in the world, having a loving family of his own and living the wonderful life that he deserves.

Dearest Ravi, if you were ever able to come across this message... know that you've made a huge impact on me and my life. Thank you so much for showing me the true power and perseverance in life. I will forever be indebted to you.

Lots of love,
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