30 November 2011

Treasure time

My precious watch broke :-(

When I got home from work today, somehow I was playing around with my watch while I was reading through my emails. All of a sudden, my watch broke and I just looked at it for a while. I realised that my watch is not just a watch. Besides from symbolising time, it's also a symbol for some priceless memories of Africa for me.

13 November 2011

Six: a defining age for my godchild

My niece and godchild Gia-Hân (Noa)

Time flies and 'they' do grow up so fast. I'm not a parent, but I do have a lot of nieces and nephews, whom are the reason for me relating to this cliché. My godchild will be turning six tomorrow and I can still remember the day that she was born like it was yesterday. (Yes, another cliché) As a godmother/godauntie, I'm suppose to guide and protect her throughout her life. It is a task that I take very seriously, but now I'm wondering how I can protect her of what is yet to come.

06 November 2011

Africa on my mind

One of the many breathtaking sides of my beloved Africa

I have been fortuned and blessed to been given the change to travel around our world a lot. Throughout my journeys, I have met so many great and wonderful people. Home is where the heart is, therefore, I often say that I don't know where my home is because my heart is divided over so many different places in our world. New York has been on my mind quite often lately, but my mind has wondered off to Africa on many occasions today. There is no doubt that Africa is the continent that I love most. The countries, the cultures and its people have enriched my life to the fullest. I will definitely elaborate more about Africa in a future blog post, but for now, all I can say is:

Africa, my beautiful Africa, I miss you more than words can express...
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