11 April 2012

My ohrwurm a.k.a. earworm

I often have a song that gets stuck in my head for days, sometimes even weeks. I can literally listen to one song over and over and over and over again. This used to annoy the hell out of my sisters when we were still living under the same roof. What can I say, the repeat button is my best friend! :-)

06 April 2012

Good Friday

Don't I just have the most perfect timing? Just when I posted my previous blog, it dawned on me that it's Good Friday. What a good Christian girl I am… venting about loyalty and betrayal on the day that Jesus was crucified and sacrificed his life for us. Thinking of this makes what I was worrying about seem so meaningless. Note to self: turn to your bible next time!

Loyal until betrayed

To whom it may concern,

There's something that has been bugging me for a while now and I just don't know how to solve it. You cannot control life, but you can control the people who you let in and out of your life. I have issues with letting things (and people) go. If I was able to do this as easy as I wanted, my life would probably be so much less complicated than it is now.

01 April 2012

I'm fine

When I was living in South Africa, my big brother Emelio used to say this acronym whenever I said that I was fine. I can't exactly recall what it was, but when I Googled it, 'Feelings Inside Not Expressed' is probably closest to what he used to say.

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