27 May 2011

Happy birthday Shorty!

There are times in life when you run into people who you immediately connect with. Amy Shortenhaus aka Shorty sure is one of these people for me. I met Amy on February 13th 2008 in Cape Town. We’ve only spend six weeks together in South Africa, but this short time together was enough for us to stay connected for a lifetime.

23 May 2011

Karaoke genes

Karaoke, a sure given for a fun get-together with a group of friends! Whether you like it or not, just add some booze to those who don’t, and everybody is enjoying themselves. I myself love singing and am no stranger to karaoke. I guess it’s kind of logical, since I do have Vietnamese roots so karaoke is simply in my Asian genes!

16 May 2011

Love my BB!

Whenever I get a new phone, a whole lot of reseach takes place before I actually get a new phone. I have been in doubt about the Iphone for a while, but a touch screen is simply not cut out for a person like me. So I ended up researching the Blackberries. It was a neck-to-neck race between the BB Bold and the BB Torch... In the end I decided to get the Bold and I LOVE it!

02 May 2011

Queen’s Day

Queen's Day @ Amsterdam

April 30th is Queen’s Day in the Netherlands. I haven’t been able to celebrate this national holiday during the last three years, because I was abroad. This is the day that I really miss my home country when I’m elsewhere in the world. Queen’s Day truly is one of the best days of the year in the Netherlands.

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