02 October 2015

Be kind, be human!

The entire world has their opinion ready about the current refugee situation in our world. Everybody is entitled to have their own opinion, I know, but it is very difficult for me to see eye-to-eye with the mindset of some people, some of my friends included.

09 September 2015

Dear dad

My dad and a mini-me

My dad was a boat refugee 35 years ago. The current situation in the world has triggered a lot of thoughts in my mind. This is why I decided to write my dad an open letter...

02 August 2015

Coming home...

Trại Hè Hòa Lan has come to an end and I am left with an aching body, a lost voice, but above all: a mind with priceless memories and a heart full of love. The theme of this year's camp was Coming Home and we have experienced the theme in several ways this week.

17 July 2015

Sometimes a date is not just a date

We have anniversaries to celebrate certain occasions. The downside of this is that there are dates in the year that reminds us of things that we do not need to be reminded of. I have several dates in the year that I do not like, today is definitely one of them.

04 July 2015

A huge thank you from the heart...

Yesterday I got to witness 153 students graduate. It was an honour to see them shine one last time at our school. They have worked so hard for this moment and to see them cross the finish line was priceless.

My students and their parents have been thanking me through words and gifts. Although I do appreciate this, it is me who need to thank them.The parents trusted me to guide their precious child and my students have brought joy to my life every single day.

To my dearest students: 
Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives during the time that you were at our school. The memories that we have made are captured in my heart. I wish you all the best for the next phase of your bright life. Keep on shining like a star!


21 June 2015

The perfect dad

It's father's day, a day to honour men who have children. This is easier said than done, sometimes. Somehow, we need to pick a day out of a year to honour things. While it seems like a celebration, it can be a bittersweet day for many amongst us.

07 June 2015

Houtens Spektakel 2015

My heart has been very full this last week. After eight months of preparations, it was finally time for my students to share their talent on stage during our annual theatre show. It was a privilege to be a part of a process where I got to witness my students grow confidence, overcome obstacles and shine very brightly.

I'm very thankful for another great experience that Houtens has given me. I have great colleagues and I get to work with the best and sweetest students who brighten my life every single day.

A huge thank you must also be given to the technical crew that has been welcoming us to their theater for years now. They went all out to give us a magnificent show. The effort and time that they have put into our show was truly beyond measure.

10 May 2015

A ray of sunshine for you today

M-O-M, a three letter word that has a profound meaning, especially today. From the moment that the clock struck midnight, my timelines have been filled with lovely mom stories and wishes.

On a day like this, my heart goes out to all who are moms without children and children without moms. Whatever the reason might be, it is a bittersweet day for them.

All I want to do is to send these people a ray of sunshine, simply because they deserve it. 


05 May 2015

Liberation Day

I've had the privilege of being around the world and I have witnessed that freedom is not something you should ever take for granted. No matter where I've been or went, whenever I return to my hometown, there's this 'coming home' feeling surrounding me. Which means that I'm back at a place that has given me so much to be thankful for and a place where I feel safe.

As us Dutch are celebrating our Liberation Day today, I truly hope that everybody has a place where he/she feels safe, free and a place that you can call home.


12 April 2015

See you again

Sometimes a song passes by and captures the core of your soul.

It has been a long 6,5 years and I really want to tell you all about it when I see you again…

30 March 2015

The Gunman with my favourite men

I just went to the movies with four of my favourite men (the fifth one was ill unfortunately). This was my way belated thank you for a favour that they have done for me at work. We went to see The Gunman. It was a perfect combination for the company that I was with.

29 March 2015

American Sniper: book or movie?

Some of my friends have been raving about the movie American Sniper the last couple of weeks. I haven’t had time to watch movies lately, but they told me that this is really one to watch. I found out that it was based on a true story and an autobiography of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. I decided to read the book before watching the movie.

27 March 2015


Karma is something that has been on my mind for a while now. Whenever a student does something clumsy, I often say ‘karma’ and gain some laughter. What is it that I’m saying to my students and what are they laughing about?

09 March 2015

Stubborn, a nerd and unbearable

I have a lot on my plate at the moment, yet I felt the need to write again. I have been neglecting my website lately, but have used my journal to clear my mind.  Now that spring is right around the corner, it's time to pick up writing on my blog again. My last posts have been personal and I haven't focused on the general topics like I used to do in the past. I will try to balance this more from now on, especially now that it's clear that some of my students follow my blog as well. I will try to make it more educational for them. With that being sad, I will start the first post of this year with a personal post… (it makes no sense, I know)

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