19 March 2011

This too shall pass

In the year of one's and first, week 11 is my first 'off week' of the year. I have so much on my mind and there's so many things that I could say, but I choose not to do so. I need time to figure things out first, time to think about life. During these times of trial I always remind myself of the quote: 'This too shall pass'. I'm desperately waiting for this moment to come. I know that it will, I just need to wait patiently for it. Tomorrow will be a brand new day and week 12 is coming up soon... I'm looking forward for this fresh start and will find positive inspiration to write new blogs. Until then, I'm leaving you with this message:

Treasure the precious moments in life and live it to the fullest! Times of trial will come, but this too shall pass...

13 March 2011


My thoughts and prayers have been with Japan and those who are affected by the tsunami since last Friday. The footage shown on the news have put me in awe. It’s hard to imagine how Japan will ever overcome this disaster, but we need to all come together and rise to the occasion to help as much as we possibly can.

12 March 2011

Bye bye ONVZ - Part 2

In my previous Dutch post I wrote about me leaving the ONVZ (again). Now that I’ve actually said goodbye, I’d like to post a follow up on how I said goodbye to my colleagues.

09 March 2011

Bye bye ONVZ

Since this post is ‘dedicated’ to my colleagues at the ONVZ, it just made more sense to write it in Dutch. Next posts will be in English again, as usual.

In één van mijn vorige blogs heb ik al uitgelegd dat afscheid nemen niet iets is wat ik graag doe. Toch is het moment daar dat ik weer afscheid ga nemen van de ONVZ. (Vorig jaar nam ik ook al afscheid omdat ik voor lange tijd naar het buitenland vertrok.)

08 March 2011

Letter to Heaven

I’d like to share an anecdote of today with you... When I came home from work my niece (4 years old) ran up to me and asked: ‘auntie, auntie I need an envelope!!’. It seemed to be very important to her so I went straight ahead and got her an envelope. She put her drawing in it and wanted me to write ‘Heaven’ on it. It was then when I realised what she was trying to do.

07 March 2011

Sweet goodbyes

‘I hate goodbyes, but then who doesn’t? I haven’t exactly made it easy for myself by leaving so often. Leaving comes together with goodbyes. My previous journeys has taught me that I’ll never see most of the people whom I’ve met again and that is okay, because the memories that we’ve made will last and remain in my heart for a lifetime.’

05 March 2011

Wish upon a star

I don’t know what it is, but I have always been fascinated about the moon and the stars. Especially when you have a clear sky... it’s just very magical to me. It gives me a soothing feeling where I get taken away from my daily life, which is much needed sometimes.

Do I ever wish upon a star? Sometimes! I don’t really believe in it, but when I see a falling star, I just don’t want to take a risk by not wishing upon it.

Well, it’s another clear sky tonight so I’m gonna head out to witness our magical universe. Next time that you’re outside on night with a clear sky: just look up, let it sink in and embrace the beauty of the moon and the stars!

04 March 2011

Bruno Mars

The first time that I ever heard his voice was when I heard the song Nothin' on you. I remember turning the radio louder in the car and wondering who it was. I was instantly 'sold’ when I saw the music video. After Googling this fine young man with this AMAZING voice, it was kind of a letdown to find out that he’s from 1985... another dream shattered since I don’t date guys who are younger than I am! ;-) Nevertheless, I’m still very much mesmerised by his gorgeous voice.

Don’t give up your right to vote!

Last Wednesday was another election day in the Netherlands. This time you had to choose the members of your province. Many Dutch people don’t find this election to be of much importance, but that doesn’t mean that you should let your vote go to waste.

03 March 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Happy is the correct answer, isn't it??

I gave my friend Larissa a Hello Kitty friends book. It’s the type of book where you answer questions about yourself and what you wish for the owner. While I was answering the questions, I stumbled upon one that I honestly could not answer: What do you want to become when you’re older (grow up)?

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