27 January 2016

Low battery…

Trying to wrap your mind around what is going on in the world is really exhausting. I haven’t watched the news for the last eighteen months and yet I know that the world is pretty messed up at the moment. I try to focus on what is happening around me and what I can conclude is that everybody is leading a pretty busy and hectic life.

13 January 2016


Ever since I was a child, I never needed much sleep. When I entered the teenage years, sleeping became a problem and the term insomnia entered my life and it never left. Not being able to sleep every once in a while is something different than having insomnia. It is a mistake often made.

10 January 2016

Love like a mommy…

2015 has not been a very productive year for me when it comes to my blog. I guess that I just got caught up with the reality of life. My first post of this year is a rather personal one.

A good friend of mine is the editor in chief of a Dutch magazine that is focused on family life. She has asked me to write an article about my view on motherhood. The reason why she asked me is because my thoughts on being a mom has changed over the last couple of years. She thinks that my story is interesting enough for her readers. We will see, I have not decided on whether to write the Dutch article or not.

02 October 2015

Be kind, be human!

The entire world has their opinion ready about the current refugee situation in our world. Everybody is entitled to have their own opinion, I know, but it is very difficult for me to see eye-to-eye with the mindset of some people, some of my friends included.

09 September 2015

Dear dad

My dad and a mini-me

My dad was a boat refugee 35 years ago. The current situation in the world has triggered a lot of thoughts in my mind. This is why I decided to write my dad an open letter...

02 August 2015

Coming home...

Trại Hè Hòa Lan has come to an end and I am left with an aching body, a lost voice, but above all: a mind with priceless memories and a heart full of love. The theme of this year's camp was Coming Home and we have experienced the theme in several ways this week.
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