01 November 2013

Time vs. Quality time

As I'm approaching my third decade in life, I'm more aware of the moments when I'm having life lessons. Gosh, I sound old, but it's the truth. I've always known that time is of value and I've tried to treasure time throughout my life by taking and making the most out of it. For me, this has always been work and doing as much as I can within the time that I have. Quality time concerning myself was never a priority, but I'm starting to learn that it should be the other way around.

28 October 2013

The purpose of a school break

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of a school break is? Why is it that students and teachers get school breaks? There's no such thing in the business world. I mean, you get your holiday days off, but there are no weeks set where you HAVE to get a break.

17 October 2013

Job benefits: your colleagues!

If you were to look at my track record of colleagues that I've had in the past, then it must be concluded that I've been very blessed. When you sign a contract with your employer, you sign to do a job in exchange for a paycheck. The contract doesn't include the benefits of having good or great colleagues, which is strange, because this is a pretty important deal breaker. Well, at least for me it is.

11 October 2013

Dear Insomnia

Dear Insomnia,

I know that we've been seeing each other for over seventeen years now and I've learned how to live with you. We've had our ups and downs, but I've always tried to make the best out of it. I have tried to use you to my full potential. You're the reason why I know so many random facts, why I'm able to keep in touch with my friends overseas and have so many hobbies & interests. 

Although I'm grateful for all the knowledge and fun times that you have given me, I really think that we should take a break. I can use a couple of nights away from you.

Could you do that for me? Could you please stay away from me for a while? Don't be offended, it's not you... It's me!

Take care and I'm pretty sure we'll get back together again soon.


09 October 2013

Some me-time...

I can make up all the excuses that I want, but the true reason for my absence during the last six months is very simple… life. We are all born to live before you die. It is up to you to decide how you want fill the 'life' part. I choose to do all that I can in the time that I have on earth. Throughout this process, I have forgotten to take some 'me-time' these last months and I am trying to take some time to do this now.

30 April 2013

Thank you princess Beatrix!

As I mentioned Beyoncé as queen B. in my previous post, there has only been one queen in my life: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. With her abdication this morning, her oldest son has taken over her role. We've all known that this change was going to happen and the Netherlands is ready for King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, but to me… Queen Beatrix is the queen that I've known and love all my life.

22 April 2013

All hail Queen B.

As I was reminiscing about my past last night, I'm totally pumped with adrenaline again. Mrs. Carter a.k.a. Queen B. a.k.a Beyoncé was SPEC-TA-CU-LAR! A perfect ending of a truly magnificent weekend.

Thank you for being you!

I've had an incredible weekend. I cannot remember when it was last that I didn't think about work for two full days. I've made so many new great, good and fun memories that I can store in my mind & heart. As great as it was to see all the three international artist, the absolute high light of my weekend is the quality time that I've had with Johnny.

21 April 2013

Grazie Eros!

I just got back from another great night at the Ziggo Dome. As I gained an overdose of adrenaline after yesterday's show, I'm now left with a mind that is reminiscing about my past. I just saw my all time favourite singer Eros Ramazzotti perform for two magnificent hours.

20 April 2013

Hattrick weekend @ Ziggo Dome… 1st up: Pink!

Life hasn't exactly been exciting for a while now, but I've got a pretty awesome weekend coming up. That's why I NEED to return to blogging for three days to get all the adrenaline and thoughts out...

I have been AWOL for months, but that is all for good reason. I needed to focus on my study, work (therefore my students) and, of course, my so called personal-social-life. This last one has been very neglected, because I just figured that I will have time for all that once I graduate and when summer break is here. Bless my dear friend/substitute brother for thinking otherwise. He is spoiling me with a triple visit to the Ziggo Dome this weekend. First up… Pink!!

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