24 January 2012

Stoked for the rendez vous with the Gassibe's!

Emelio, Claudine & Carla-Ann Gassibe

2012 has not give me much to be excited about yet, but despite of what is going on in my life, I am very thrilled about tomorrow! After 3,5 years, I will finally get to see my big brother Emelio and sister Claudine again!

I've never made a secret about Africa being the continent that I love most, the continent that has captured my heart. Don't get me wrong, I love Europe and the Netherlands, but I'm just simply compelled by the magic of Africa. My love for Africa found an ever deeper depth after my stay in South Africa in 2008. I've been given so much love and happiness during that period of eight months.

The astonishing view of Table Mountain from my house in Cape Town

South Africa is (SA) magnificent. Gorgeous landscapes, beautiful cultures and such a rich history. The thing that I love most about SA is its people. The people whom I've met aren't just my friends, they have become my family. I often feel homesick for Cape Town, because I truly miss my family so much.

People who know me, also know that I don't let people into my life that easily. Somehow the Gassibe's managed to wiggle their way straight through to my heart. Emelio Gassibe was supposed to be my project manager during my time in Cape Town, but he overstepped his role and made me fall in love with his country and entire family! He became my overprotective big brother who was (and still is) looking out for me. He also introduced me to his wife, Claudine Gassibe, who is at least as wonderful as he is! I cannot count the amount of times that I've missed them ever since the day that we said goodbye.

Claudine & me

Currently, Claudine and Emelio are travelling around Europe to take care of some business for YFC Cape Town. The best thing about their trip (for me) is that they're passing through Holland as well. Tomorrow, I'll finally get to see them again. I've tried not to get excited about it, because whenever I get excited about something things tend not to come (or go) through... but I'm seriously sooooo stoked!!

Besides from being my big bro, Emelio is also a huge rockstar in SA!
 His band PLUSH! is truly awesome.

Lately, I've been longing to go back to SA even more than usual. I think this coming summer might be the right time to go 'home' to Cape Town. I miss my family there and it has been way too long. I haven't even met Caleb, Emelio & Claudine's son yet (he was born last year). We'll see what happens. First, it's time to look forward for the rendez vous with my beloved Gassibe's !

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