08 June 2014

Blessed beyond measure

I haven't posted anything for a long time, because I've gathered my thoughts in my personal journal these last couple of months. However, this is a thought that I would really like to share with whomever it may concern.

I have posted a blog about my great colleagues once, now I would really like to let you know how amazing my students are. Every workday is a blessing, as I never know what to expect from them. They keep on surprising me with the things that they do. For me, teaching is so much more than transferring my English language knowledge on to them. It is about being a part of their transition from being an adolescent to becoming a young adult.

This year I got to help out with Houtens Spektakel. This is our school's annual theatre show where students and teachers have the chance to show their talent and shine on stage. I helped with guiding the students to create the scenery. It is mind blowing to see what these kids can create with some paint and brushes. Besides from the result, it is also very heartwarming to see how they band with each other and gain confidence out of this entire experience.
Rehearsals at school & the scenic team

Our talented students got to show the results of their hard work in the theatre of our hometown last week. All three evenings were sold out. It is adorable to see the entire process from them being nervous right before the start to their infectious smiles from ear-to-ear at the end when they get their well deserved standing ovation.

I got to work with the technical crew of the theatre during this week. They went out of their way to help us put on a great show. Besides from helping us with all the technical things, they also took the time to connect with our students, which made our students feel at ease and safe to enter the stage in the theatre. They didn't 'have' to do this last bit, but they did and it helped our students a lot. So thank you for this Bas, Quinten, Maarten and Ruben!

Top: Quinten & Bas (they took my camera and made this selfie without me knowing)
Bottom: Ruben & Maarten (rehearsing for the final dance)

After months of preparation this whole Houtens Spektakel journey has come to an end now. It has been another great experience that I have gained ever since I started working at Houtens. I feel beyond blessed to be able to work at this great school. Besides from having awesome colleagues and amazing students, I also get to meet wonderful new people and make memories that I can treasure for a lifetime.


Curious about Houtens Spektakel? Watch the entire show in one minute...

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