17 July 2015

Sometimes a date is not just a date

We have anniversaries to celebrate certain occasions. The downside of this is that there are dates in the year that reminds us of things that we do not need to be reminded of. I have several dates in the year that I do not like, today is definitely one of them.

I have been dreading today's date for the last couple of weeks. Although I appreciate that the entire nation is reminded of what happened and feel the need to show their support today, but for me, the last 365 days has been a constant reminder of the void that has been left behind.

Time heals all wounds and will make it better, I know this, but today's date is something that keeps on haunting me. Since last year, I have noticed things that were not so clearly visible before . For instance, even the calendar emoji is set on July 17th… I have not used it till today (as the header of this post) and will probably never use it again from now on.

It is just something that I need to get past. The nation will continue with their lives after tomorrow and I will keep on trying to find a way to comprehend what has happened and wait for time to make it bearable someday.

July 18th, I cannot wait for your arrival!

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