27 May 2011

Happy birthday Shorty!

There are times in life when you run into people who you immediately connect with. Amy Shortenhaus aka Shorty sure is one of these people for me. I met Amy on February 13th 2008 in Cape Town. We’ve only spend six weeks together in South Africa, but this short time together was enough for us to stay connected for a lifetime.

There’s something about Amy that makes people like her  instantly. I can go on and on about what it is that makes her so special, but it all leads to the same: she’s just simply beautiful from the inside out. I know that I’ve done something right in life to be this blessed to run into her.

I love and miss laughing with her

The distance between the United Stated and the Netherlands is long and although we’re not often in touch, our connection remains. Throughout these last three years Shorty has been a constant blessing in my life and I seriously can’t wait for the day that our paths will cross again.

Baking at 2am, simply because we want to

Amy is the one who introduced me to Nerds :-)

My dearest sister Amy, know that I miss you and love you more than words can express. I wish a you very happy birthday and may He keeps on continuing blessing you, for you are one of His angels that He has send to earth.


Happy birthday Shorty! <3
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