16 May 2011

Love my BB!

Whenever I get a new phone, a whole lot of reseach takes place before I actually get a new phone. I have been in doubt about the Iphone for a while, but a touch screen is simply not cut out for a person like me. So I ended up researching the Blackberries. It was a neck-to-neck race between the BB Bold and the BB Torch... In the end I decided to get the Bold and I LOVE it!

I got my BlackBerry Bold 9780 (in white) about three weeks ago. It is very similar to my previous Nokia and it has a QWERTY type system, which is a huge pro to me. You could say that I’m online almost 24/7 because of my email and social media. Having QWERTY is just very convenient to me, because it makes typing a message so much easier and faster.

My collection of covers for my beloved BB ;-)

I love the endless possibilities of the Bold. You have countless applications for the the BB and because of the new OS 6 system, internet is so much faster on this smart phone. Yep, the BBB (BlackBerry Bold) is so meant to be for me! ;-)
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