25 July 2011

Forever 27 Club

Forever 27 Club is a name for influential artists whom have passed away at the age of 27. People in this club are: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Kobain and many more. Yesterday it became clear that Amy Winehouse has now joined this club. Since I’ve turned 27 two weeks ago, I’ve thought a lot about this number and life in general. The passing of Amy Winehouse is seriously a wakeup call for me...

I’ve always thought that I would die young and that I will probably die before the age of 40. This is not some depressing thought, it’s just a feeling that I’ve always had. Turning 27 has made me rethink a lot of things about life. 27 is so close to 30 and 30 is only a decade away from 40. I do try to live my life to the fullest, since I’ve experienced firsthand how short life truly is.

Read this in a magazine while I was in England.
Guess Adele and I think a like on this matter.

Having ‘celebrities’ dying at such a young age, is another reminder for me not to take life for granted. I’m not famous and don’t have a lot of influence on other people their lives, nevertheless, I’m 27 so let’s just hope that my prophecy of dying young won’t come true this year and that I’ll make it to 28!
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