11 July 2011

Only one year left!

I've got one year left to fulfill my life schedule!

When I was younger, I’ve set out a whole schedule for my life: graduate at 21, meeting the one during university, getting married at 24 and pop all my kids out by the age of 28... Well, none of it came through and since I’m turning 27 tomorrow, I’ve exactly one year left to make my last deadline!

Age is just a number and life is something that you can't plan... this is all true, but you can’t help yourself can you? I don’t mind getting older, but I must admit that knowing that 27 is coming close to 30, I do seriously wonder how my life will turn out to be.

I know that the people in my life have certain expectations about and from me. I haven’t exactly had the most predictable life, because of the rollercoaster ride that I’ve been on for the last 27 years. Truth to be told, at the moment, I seriously don’t know what to expect of or from life anymore.

I try my best not to plan it, because with planning, you have expectations. When these don’t come through, you just get disappointed I guess. Am I disappointed that I didn’t graduate at 21 and that I’m still not married? In a way yes, but also no... My life took another course and this course has let me to meet so many wonderful people and I’ve gained so many priceless experiences that I would never change for anything in the world.

Maybe I should stick with this to-do-list

I know that I’m blessed. First of all to still be alive and second of all to be so loved and surrounded by such wonderful people. I probably won’t pop any kids out before my next birthday and prince charming is still no where inside, but this is okay. I just need to surrender myself and let my life take its own course... where will this lead me to? Only the future can tell...

Marching on to 28 it is!
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