24 July 2014

An eye for an eye...

July 17th 2014 has turned into a dark page of history for me, many loved ones of the victims of flight MH17, my country and the entire world. Mixed emotions of sadness, grieve, unbelief and anger has crossed our thoughts throughout these last couple of days. There are no words for this tragedy and I cannot imagine that I will ever understand what has happened. As I am struggling with my own emotions, there is something that I want to get off of my mind: war is NEVER the answer! 

The reason why I want to point this out is because of the mixed reactions that I have heard in the media and my surroundings. We all want to know who is responsible for what happened and we want them to be punished. I agree that justice must be served, but declaring war is and should never be an option. Was it the Russians, the Ukraine or the separatists?  This is not the question that we should be asking, because we know the answer: it was the human kind killing other human beings.

I have never believed in war nor will I ever do so. Innocent victims are the results of many wars. As we are grieving the loss of our loved ones of flight MH17, who are we to wish this pain and suffering upon others? This will happen when we decide to declare war.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: 'An eye for an I makes the whole world blind'. Believe me, although I am Christian, I am not one to turn my other cheek. However, I do not want the world to go blind either. We have created the world that we are living in. We need to keep our eyes open and learn from our mistakes.  

Innocent lives are lost every day. The grieve that we feel today, is the future of many who are still caught trap in a warzone. I do not wish my heavy heart upon anyone, not even my worst enemy. We must think before we act and I truly hope that my government will do so. I believe that they will get the justice that we want and need, but justice can be served without war.

July 17th 2014 should never happen again. Not for us Dutchies, not for the entire world.

So please think before you act or even react. Love overpowers war and will get us so much more and further in life.

Signing off with much love for whomever is reading this,
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