25 September 2014

Do what you love, love what you do

Life threw me a huge curve ball over the summer. When you're going through a process, it's always hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although the light isn't here yet, I can feel that it's coming closer. One of the reasons for this is my work, or better said: my students.

I was dreading the first day of work after our summer break.  It was a day without our students. It was the second that I was looking forward to. As the students were filling up our school with their presents, the burden that I have been carrying around started to become lighter and lighter. My focus and attention were all on them again.

People often say how rewarding it is to be able to teach and all clichés are true. Parents lay their faith in us to guide their children to the next phase of their lives. They often thank us for what we do, but truth of the matter is that I should be thanking them for letting me be a part of their child's journey in life.

As I am suppose to teach my students, I am the one who learn from them every day. They help me enjoy the littlest things in life and their honesty keeps me grounded. I am beyond thankful that I get to work with each and every single one of them.

Thanks to my students I can honestly say that I'm doing what I love and I absolutely love what I do.

I know that there are some students who follow my blog. Here's some advice for you: remind me of this post whenever I'm threatening you with detention in the future. You will probably get off the hook ;-)

Signing off as a very grateful and blessed teacher…

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