25 April 2016

Soundtrack of my life

Music is a universal language. It often expresses feelings, thoughts and emotions that words cannot expres. This gave me an idea to start a project with my students and the outcome of it overwhelmed my heart in an unexpected way.

At the beginning of this year, I got to teach another senior class, because my colleague went on maternity leave. I have taught most of the students in this class in their first year at our school. Now, they are already headed to their final exams and it is up to me to prepare them for this.

This class loves music, just like me. To make their English lessons less boring, I decided to do a special project with this class. I wanted them to choose six songs that expresses six important events of their lives. They would be creating a so called ‘Soundtrack of my life’. This way, they had to get into the lyrics to practice their English listening, reading and writing skills.

I assured them that everything that they were willing to share, would stay between them and me. The outcome of it was something that I did not expected.

The songs and the life events that my students shared with me went straight to my heart. I cannot thank them enough for giving me this trust and execute the assignment so well.

My colleague and I decided to do something fun with
our magnificent seniors on their last lesson day (before their finals).

I am beyond proud of them and my heart is already aching because they are leaving us at the end of the school year. The time for them to enter the next phase of their lives is near. I cannot wait to see them graduate, get out into the world and shine even brighter than they have already done at our school.

To the students who will be reading this: thank you for the great memories and good luck with your exams!

Lots of love,
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