01 April 2011

Who is Bao-Nhi?

I like to ask people questions with a certain amount of debt, because the answers to these questions helps you get to know that person better. I’m good at asking these things and even better at avoiding answering these questions myself, but every now and then, even I don’t get away without answering. Two years ago a question was thrown back at me and as simple as the question seemed, I had a lot of difficulties answering it. The question was: who is Bao-Nhi?

I remember that it took me a long time before I could find a sentence to start my answer. I answered as followed according to my diary on November 24th 2009:

‘The outside world finds Bao-Nhi to be a very confident and independent individual who commits herself to development aid and who loves to work with children and youth. Bao-Nhi is not afraid to share her thoughts and opinion. Some people find her to be very straightforward, but always honest. She’s punctual and when she says A, she will finish it to Z.

Reality learns that this is just partially true. I seem to be confident, but this has changed throughout the years. The bumps that has crossed my path of life has paid their contribution to this. (...) I guess I can be rather blunt at times, especially to people who just can’t take a hint. (...) When I have a passion for something, then I go for it all the way. This drive is sometimes mistaken for stubbornness. And I’m very loyal to my friends. I would literally move heaven and earth and go to the moon and back for them if I could.

This is probably the short version of who Bao-Nhi is, but is this the Bao-Nhi who I want to be? I don’t think so... if there’s something that I’ve learned, it’s that I’ve been searching all my live for who I am. I haven’t manage to find the definition of my identity during these 25 years yet. It’s an ongoing search that will keep on continuing and it’s a challenge that I’m gladly to take on simply because I’m (still) not satisfied with the person that I am today.’

I’m turning 27 in July and I’m still not content with the person that I am today... I guess this is a good thing, because you should always try to improve yourself. I mentioned in my previous blog that week 11 of 2011 has not been a very good week for me to say the least. In the end, I did overcome it and all that has happened has made me stronger in the end.

So who is Bao-Nhi? I guess just an individual who will keep on trying to find herself for the rest of her life!
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