05 June 2011

Longing to be elsewhere

I know that I’ve often been MIA (missing in action) on my blog these last two months, but to be quite honest, I didn’t had much inspiration to blog anyway. My mind has been wondering off like crazy and it's been hard to get a grip of my thoughts, let alone expressing it all in words.

My mind has especially been wondering off to all the wonderful countries that I’ve visited in the world. It feels like I’ve left a piece of my heart behind at every place that I’ve connected with. South Africa is weighing very heavy on my heart, but also England, the USA and places like London, Birmingham, Berlin and Barcelona. These are not some random places, these are all places where I have good friends whom I miss dearly.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been staying put at one place for quite some time now and this has never been ‘normal’ to me. Whatever it is, I sincerely hope that I will see all of my loved ones again really really really soon! And until this reunion comes, I seriously am grateful for social media AND Skype!! ;-)

<3 <3 <3
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