05 August 2011

Forgive me

Forgive me

It’s been almost three years since I’ve seen you
A freaking nightmare that came true
Still can’t believe that you’ve been taken away
All because of a stupid decision that I made that day

I understand why God wants you so near
But now I´m here on earth with all this fear
People tell me that it was just meant to be
But all I want is for you to forgive me

I know life is not in my control
Nevertheless, I´m left with a mourning soul
My mind knows the truth and what is real
But that´s not what my aching heart says or how I feel

I really really want you to know
That I´m so so sorry that I made you go
I still can´t believe that you had to die
Now I´m left here on earth to cry

Still waiting on God to explain to me why
I never had the chance to say goodbye
Or why He wants you instead of me
I need these answers to set me free

All the tears that I shed at night
Simply proves that what happened is not right
I´m waiting for that flood of rain
To come and wash away my pain

If you could look inside my heart
You would see how it´s torn apart
I need you to be able to forgive
This is what I need to continue to live

Let’s just hope that this grieve will be worthwhile
For one day we´ll get reunited and I get to see you smile
Don´t know when this day will come
Just know that it will be freaking awesome

Have a blast in heaven up above
Know that I´m sending you all my love
You´re so so missed down here
But in my heart is where I keep you near!
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