29 August 2011

What the mind knows is not always how the heart feels

You go through life with ups and downs. We tend to linger on the downside of life quite often even when we know it’s the happy moments that we should treasure. Our mind knows all this, but somehow our heart works differently. What the mind knows is not always how the heart feels...

'Everything happens for a reason' is a sentence that I try to remind myself of when the downsides are taking control over my life. It’s easier said than done though. When something bad has happened and you know that it’s not your fault, but in a way you’re still responsible for what happened, things get complicated.

It doesn’t matter how often your surrounding keeps on telling you that you’re not to blame, because you already know this. The mind knows what has happened and it also knows that you can’t control the course of life, but the heart does not care about any of this. The heart doesn’t reason itself with facts of life, but reflects your feelings by looking into your soul.

I guess it’s a dark season that we all go through until you’re heart is ready to mend with your mind. This is process that needs time. Some need more time than others. So here is a reminder to myself and to all of you: be patient, this too shall pass!

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