14 August 2011

Please stop trying to set me up people!

I don’t know why it is that people have the need to set me up. Apparently I need to be in a relationship to be happy (according to these people). Truth to be told, I’m pretty content with life at the moment. I seriously don’t mind being single. I’ve got so much going on in my life that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

Lately, everybody in my surrounding is trying to hook me up with any single man they know. Even people who I don’t know randomly run up to me to ask if I’m single because they know someone who’s single as well (which turned out to be my colleague, which was pretty awkward!!). Seriously people: please stop this!

If a relationship is meant for me, than it will happen someday. If not, then that’s fine too. I’m not looking for it nor am I pressuring for it to happen . I appreciate all of your good intentions, but would really appreciate it even more if you could all just leave me alone! :-)

I have, now it's time for my surrounding to do so as well!
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