11 April 2012

My ohrwurm a.k.a. earworm

I often have a song that gets stuck in my head for days, sometimes even weeks. I can literally listen to one song over and over and over and over again. This used to annoy the hell out of my sisters when we were still living under the same roof. What can I say, the repeat button is my best friend! :-)

When I lived in South Africa, I lived with a whole bunch of international friends. I remember my German friend saying 'I've got an ohrwurm stuck in my head'. I must admit that there were times when things did not come across clearly because of all the different languages, but my German is good enough to understand the word 'earworm'. My American friend and I just laughed at her… apparently an earworm is a song or melody that gets stuck in your head. I seriously never knew this. Earworm had a total different (and somewhat disgusting) meaning to me until this moment.

I was reminded of this, because the song Breakeven of the Script has been stuck in my head for days now. I cannot count the amount of the times that I've played their debut album when it was released in 2008. This song was definitely my favourite song of the album. Somehow, I'm reliving this period of my life all over again these days.

It's funny how we (or at least I) connect parts of our lives to music. In a way, it's reflecting your thoughts, what you want to say, the way you feel and so much more. My mind works overtime 24/7, because I tend to over-think pretty much everything in life. Somehow, a pen, a piece of paper and music helps me get peace of mind that I long for. Strangely enough, these basic things are the things that I cannot live without in this modern material word.

This lovely man will sing me to sleep tonight...

Oh well... I'm gonna head back to my earworm and let mister Danny O'Donoghue sing me to sleep.

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