01 April 2012

I'm fine

When I was living in South Africa, my big brother Emelio used to say this acronym whenever I said that I was fine. I can't exactly recall what it was, but when I Googled it, 'Feelings Inside Not Expressed' is probably closest to what he used to say.

I'm not lying, honestly!

I'm fine is probably the most common lie that us human beings use. It is a way to turn the attention elsewhere so that you're not in the spotlight anymore. Whenever I say that I'm fine, it's not necessarily a lie. Truth to be told, I am doing fine. We all go through stuff etc. but we need to remind ourselves that there are others out there who have real problems and go through much worse struggles than you're going through… Therefore, I'm definitely not lying when I say that I'm fine.

I know that some of you have been concerned since I've been MIA for a while, but please don't worry. Things have been hectic, but there's nothing to be concerned about. Here is me being honest: I'm fine!

Much love,
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