07 September 2011

My colleagues

my colleagues and me

I want to dedicate this post to my colleagues at ‘van Houten&co’. Although I’ve only been working with them for six months, I can already conclude that they’re a bunch of fun people to work with.

I was welcomed into the team from the first moment onwards. It’s always fun to come to the office. Truth to be told, work would be much more efficient and effective if we didn’t get along so well, but chatting away counts for teambuilding right??

There isn’t anyone on the team that I don’t like, which is pretty rare for me, I know. :-) There are some whom I’ve got a better connection/bond with, but this is more than natural. I like to goof around with the lads and have good chats with the ladies. All in all, I’m very glad to been given the chance to stay with ‘van Houten&co’ and work with this team.

Last week my colleague Arnoud said: ‘Come to think of it, none of us are normal. There’s something wrong with all of us. Maybe that’s why we get along so well.’. Truth to be told, he might be right. There is something off with all of us, maybe that is why we’re all youth workers. Somehow a part of us never grew up, which’s actually pretty helpful for our work!

and so is the rest of the team! ;-)

Last week, I didn’t had a very good week. Apparently this was very noticeable among my colleagues. I tried my best not to say much, because I know that I snap at people when I’m in a bad mood. My silence is not what they’re used too. Somehow they managed to put up with me that certain day. In fact, some of them even managed to made me smile and for this I’m very grateful.

I know that the dynamic of the team will change as people come and go. Therefore I’m making each day count with this current team. I’m blessed to do the work that I love to do with a bunch of crazy and fun colleagues!

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