21 September 2011

The revolution of social media

I’ve made the conscience decision to stay away from Facebook for a while. I've noticed that my sarcastic status updates were taken serious by some of my friends. I didn’t want to worry people unnecessary, therefore I went MIA for the last weeks or so.

Unlike a couple of years ago, I didn’t go a wall all of a sudden. I didn’t want to raise any concern so I did inform my FB buddies about my absence. Yet, somehow people were still sending me messages to ask me whether I’m still alive or not. This is a good example of how social media has become a part of our lives.

A social media revolution has taken place without us really realising it. Fifteen years ago, I got my first cell phone and back then it was mind blowing that I could call from anywhere I wanted to. Nowadays, my phone is my everything: phone calls, texting, email, games, music, work, apps and access to the world wide web. I know that I can live without it if I have to, but I seriously prefer not to do so if I don’t have to.

Next generation:
my godchild already phoned me before the age of one!

The upcoming of social media has made us more social digitally, but more anti-social in real life. I keep in touch with my friends through email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. but compared to the ‘old days’, I see my friends less in real life. Is it because we now live in a more busy and occupied environment? Or is this just a new way of living and socialising because of the social media revolution?

See for yourself: next time you travel in public, observe how many people are being busy on their phones or tablets. And then observe yourself: how often do you catch yourself being ‘social’ on your mobile/tabled instead of being social with your surroundings?

It’s a good test to keep you grounded every now and then. I know that I’m not one to lecture anyone on the frequent use of social media in public (since I’m a pro at it myself), but sometimes it’s good to realise what keeps us occupied and to ask ourselves whether it’s worth it or not?
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