04 December 2011

Mystery gifts

Last year I already posted a blog about receiving a gift from a Secret Santa, who turned out to be a son of my uncle's colleague. This morning I received another mystery gift, but this time it didn't took me long to find out who the sender was.

I don't like to be surprised, but somehow my loved ones keep on surprising me. There was a small parcel delivered for me today. The sender was not mentioned so I just opened it to find a small long shaped box.

Still a mystery here

When I opened the wrapping paper, I saw a watch... a watch that is the same as my old watch that broke last Wednesday. The watch came with a note: 'It won't replace your old watch or the memories you have with it, but it might give you the chance to add new and happy moments in time,'

Not long after receiving the gift, I got a call from my uncle John. (He's not my real uncle, but I call him uncle because he's like an uncle to me.) He called me to ask for the time so I instantly knew that the gift came from him. He's such a busy man and somehow he managed to find the time to arrange this and calling me after his assistant told him about my previous post about my broken watch.

Exact copy of my old watch

He's right about the watch not being able to replace the old one, but it is the thought that counts. I'll receive it as a symbol of all the happy and fun times that is yet to come. Last year, he surprised me with a charm bracelet with several charms that means a lot to me. He wanted to remind me that good things will come through in the end, even when the valley might seem dark and deep at the time.

New vs. old watch

I was supposed to meet up with him this Friday and we'll still be meeting, but he dropped another surprise on me when he was on the phone. He has arranged for me to have another rendez vous with no one other than the divine mister...

Charming mister Bublé

I've seen him perform a couple of times and besides from his obvious good looks and great voice, I find him very charming, nice and funny. He is charismatic and is very pleasant to be around with so I can't wait for Friday to come!

Although I don't like surprises, this sure means a lot to me. Uncle John. is a busy man, but still finds time to make me feel loved. I really appreciate it and feel very blessed and grateful... thanks uncle J.!
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