17 September 2012

The undiscovered country

The title of this post comes from a line from Hamlet. We've been discussing Shakespeare at uni and I was just struck by how he mentioned heaven as the undiscovered country. It's so simple and yet genius.

It comes from Hamlet's soliloquy where he asks himself whether 'to be or not to be?' I don't know if you've ever read or seen the play, but it's about him contemplating whether to kill himself of not. In this soliloquy he talks about heaven and how it's undiscovered, because no man has ever returned after death to tell us about it. He is right isn't he?

How do we know whether heaven is truly that great or not? How do we know whether we will be judged for what we have done here on earth in the afterlife? Is there an afterlife? Is God really up there with all the loved ones who have gone before us?

These are all questions that have ran through my head a gazillion times when I was growing up. Although I haven't found the answers yet, I've stopped wondering about them. Do you want to know why? My answer is just as simple and genius as how Shakespeare calls heaven the undiscovered country: FAITH.

It's not always easy to hang on to your faith, but I believe that when you do, you will get through it somehow with a little help of hope & love… three things that everybody should have in their lives.

So here is my goodnight wish to all of you out there:

I wish you to have a lifetime of faith, love and hope!

Huge hug,
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