13 September 2012

Throwback Thursday: born in the land of opportunities

Born in the land of opportunities
(first picture even taken of me)

Yesterday was election day in the Netherlands and the right to vote has crossed my mind a lot.  It is easy to take for granted that we're able to vote in a country like the Netherlands. I feel very lucky to have been born in a democratic and liberal country where I get to vote and therefore have a say in what needs to happen .

My life would have been different if I was born in Vietnam. I wouldn't have had the same opportunities and chances in life. I'm not saying the one is better than the other, but no one can deny that the place where you're born has a great influence in the course of your life.

I'm thankful for my Vietnamese roots, but also very grateful for being Dutch and for the rights that I have in my home country. 

Being born in the Netherlands has literally changed my life! 
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