20 September 2012

Throwback Thursday: My 'little' nephews

I'm a very proud auntie of many nieces and nephews. I'm dedicating this Throwback Thursday to two of my beloved nephews: Khanh & Duy. The age difference between us is only 4 to 6 years. Perhaps it's because of this that I seem to get and understand them better than my other siblings.

I don't spend nearly enough time with them as I want to, but since they're reaching a quarter of a century now, they don't really feel the need to spend that much time with their 'old' auntie anyway ;-P

Boys turning into men

I'm happy that they have turned out to be such fine young men. It doesn't matter how old or tall they are now, they will always be my 'little' nephews. Whatever happens in life, whatever direction they're headed to, they'll always have their proud auntie backing them up!

'auntie' Nhi J
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