22 April 2013

All hail Queen B.

As I was reminiscing about my past last night, I'm totally pumped with adrenaline again. Mrs. Carter a.k.a. Queen B. a.k.a Beyoncé was SPEC-TA-CU-LAR! A perfect ending of a truly magnificent weekend.

It has been four years since I last say Beyoncé perform in Rotterdam. I saw her with Destiny's Child twice at the TMF Awards during my teenage years and that one time by herself at the Ahoy'. I've always loved the energy and quality of these shows. You can truly tell that she's giving it her all and tonight was no difference!

The show was spectacular from start to finish. I seriously couldn't keep my eyes off of the show, because my attention was constantly triggered by the dances, AMAZING vocals, superb lighting, the beautiful outfits and her great interaction with the crowd. The show was thought out to perfection.

I can see that Beyoncé is on a even higher level than she was in 2009. She has raised the bar so high for herself and all who are in the music industry. I truly think that this is admirable and she really deserves all the success for all that she has created. I can't wait to see how she will top this tour.

Keeping it short, because I need to do a little bit of work before my head can touch the pillow and let my mind do a re-run of this incredible weekend.

Have a good week!

a very blessed and grateful me
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