20 April 2013

Hattrick weekend @ Ziggo Dome… 1st up: Pink!

Life hasn't exactly been exciting for a while now, but I've got a pretty awesome weekend coming up. That's why I NEED to return to blogging for three days to get all the adrenaline and thoughts out...

I have been AWOL for months, but that is all for good reason. I needed to focus on my study, work (therefore my students) and, of course, my so called personal-social-life. This last one has been very neglected, because I just figured that I will have time for all that once I graduate and when summer break is here. Bless my dear friend/substitute brother for thinking otherwise. He is spoiling me with a triple visit to the Ziggo Dome this weekend. First up… Pink!!

I've seen Pink perform several times in the past. The last time was at her Fun House tour in 2009. I really like her music, because of the lyrics, her raspy voice and the variety of her genre from rock, pop to ballads. I have a lot of Pink songs in my playlist and was really excited to hear her perform them live again.

Last night was thé night. I've been to the Ziggo Dome a couple of times now and it's really starting to grow on me. I've noticed that the sound in the Dome is a bit off when you stand/sit behind the middle at the back or high up at the 2nd ring. Fortunately, Johnny is always able to get me the good spots ;-)

Pink has left me in awe again. From her opening down to the last note that she sung… it was a-ma-zing! She has so many hits, that I didn't even noticed that she skipped songs like 'Let's get the party started' until I thought about it this morning. The party was already on so she really didn't needed it anyway.

Pink 'hanging' in the Ziggo Dome

It was not 'just' a concert, it really was a show. The crowed went bananas when she flew through the Dome during 'So What' and I (who don't get impressed easily) must admit that it was freaking spectacular! I loved her chats with the audience in between songs. People say that Pink turned a bit softer since she has become a mother, but I kind of like it. It suits her and she is still very funny and has not lost her sense of sarcasm (which I love).

But my favourite moment of the evening was to see her perform 'Who Knew'. I loved this song from the get go, but after everything that happened four years ago, the song has become even more meaningful to me. To be there hearing it live, especially with Johnny, was very special.

*@LiveMusicFan2012: Thanks for uploading this!

Now I'm off to spend some quality time with my nieces and then I get to head to the Ziggo Dome again tonight... Will be blogging about that tomorrow!

Enjoy your Saturday!!


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