30 April 2013

Thank you princess Beatrix!

As I mentioned Beyoncé as queen B. in my previous post, there has only been one queen in my life: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. With her abdication this morning, her oldest son has taken over her role. We've all known that this change was going to happen and the Netherlands is ready for King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, but to me… Queen Beatrix is the queen that I've known and love all my life.

I'm thankful for all that she has given to our nation. As all young girls dream of becoming a princess, none of us know nor realise the obligation that comes with this title. Our queen, now princess Beatrix, never got the choice to be a princes or a queen. Nevertheless, she has dedicated her life to us during the last 33 years.

During her first years as our queen

When I think of princess Beatrix, I think of the her ability to unite our nation. In good times and bad times. She visited my hometown Houten in 1999 and I remember that her visit left a huge impact on me. We were all counting down the days for the arrival of the royal family and when the day was there, it was a true blast.

The former queen in my hometown in 1999

Seeing the royals in real life was special and seeing them enjoying themselves in my hometown was truly memorable. It was a fantastic day and we were all left with priceless memories, even now, fourteen years later.

Princess Beatrix really left an impression on me during all the troublesome times in the Netherlands. The plane crash disaster in the Bijlmer, the fireworks disaster in Enschede, the disasters caused by nature, the horrible shooting in Alphen a/d Rijn... countless occasions where my country was in despair, she was always there to comfort us. Seeing her being there to console the victims and their families, has given me a lot of comfort during times when life didn't made any sense to me.

She was there for us for the good and the bad times

Now, after her abdication, her son has taken over the throne. I have all the confident that king Willem-Alexander and his wife queen Máxima will pursue the legacy that she has left behind.

With this signature Beatrix is a princess a again and Holland
now has a new king and queen
25.000 people came to the palace in Amsterdam to witness
princess Beatrix introduce the new king
Our new First royal family

The entire nations has been showing their gratitude to our former queen for weeks and today we are all celebrating and welcoming our new king and queen. Queen's Day has always been one of my favourite days of the year, it is the day where we all come together and celebrate that we're a part of the orange madness.

Princess Beatrix (then queen) her inauguration on April 30th 1980
King Willem-Alexander his inauguration on April 30th 2013
All hail King Willem-Alexander & Queen Máxima
All the royals from all over the world

Today's Queen's Day was a special one, the last one, another very memorable one, a historic one. I'm proud to have witness the inauguration of our new king with my niece. Now I'm off to celebrate this last Queen's Day and I'm already looking forward to our first King's Day.

The official photo of our royal couple

A very proud day for us Dutchies!

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