11 December 2010

Jennifer Ewbank

Jennifer is a participant of the Dutch show The Voice of Holland. Ever since the battle (second round of the programme) people have been bashing her online and in the media. Somehow nerves seem to get to her during the live shows, but she manages to get through the rounds because of the votes by the people.

People are seriously saying nasty thing about and to her. I seriously feel for her, because she IS an amazing singer. She seems to be very strong and is keeping it together despite of the hurtful comments. My wish for her is that she will overcome these nerves so that she can show everybody how talented she truly is.

Here is one of my favourite songs of her on YouTube:

Visit Jennifer’s YouTube channel to see more great songs. Her version of Hallelujah is amazing too!!

And to Jen: you’re so strong, hang in there and remember to think positive!! XOXO
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