13 December 2010

SinterKerst with the ONVZ-crew

I’ve already mentioned that I absolutely love the holiday season in my previous blogs. In between Sinterklaas and Christmas I always have a couple of SinterKerst/KerstKlaas celebrations with different groups of friends. Yesterday I had one with my ONVZ-crew which turned out to be another great and fun get together.

ONVZ is a health insurance company in the Netherlands. I used to work there during my studies, but left at the beginning of this year because I was headed to Vietnam for a couple of months. I loved working at the ONVZ, not necessarily because of the work, but more because of the people that I’ve gotten to know there. Some of them have even been upgraded from colleague to friend ;-)

Some of my favourite (former) colleagues and friends back in 2009

I recently started to work at the ONVZ again. Not at the same department unfortunately, but I’m still in good contact with my (former & renewed) colleagues. A group of us celebrated SinterKerst together yesterday. We combined it with a dinner at Joy’s house. His parents and younger sister were kind enough to welcome us into their house. The six of us (nine in total with Joy’s parents and sister) were responsible for the meal. We paired up in teams of two who were each responsible for a course.

Joy's mommy (Patricia) guiding Joy & Rick

Chef Rick


Linda & Larissa with their chocolate cake
Willem and I were responsible for first course (starter). We served a trio of salmon (and two non salmon starters for the ‘picky’ eaters ;-)) which everybody seemed to enjoy. Rick & Joy prepared Roti for the main course and Linda & Larissa made a chocolate cake for desert. During the courses we revealed our secret Santa. Willem was my secret Santa. He got me a bear-shaped-pancake pan and two sets of pocket warmers. Both with a lovely poem attached.

Everybody enjoying their meal

After the delicious meal and secret Santa we played the Dutch dobbelspel (literal translation is dice game). You have a pile of wrapped presents that everybody has brought with them. You take turns to roll the dice to find out what you need to do. The goal of the game is to secure the presents that you want to have so that you can take them home. It’s a unpredictable game that is so much to play. I ended up with the three things that I like most from the pile: a coffee cup, a mini piggy bank and a mini-bear-shaped tin to bake cakes.

My presents <3

ONVZ-crew BFF bracelets ;-)

Conclusion of the evening:

Good food + great company = a wonderful & fun evening!!
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