21 February 2011

A penny for your thoughts

A penny

A penny for your thoughts - This English idiom has certainly been a constant factor throughout my life. If I were to receive a penny for every single thought that I’ve ever had, than I would already been able to retire.

Ever since I was little, adults around me always wondered what I was thinking of. My uncle used to tell me that my mind always seemed to be drifting to some place far away. As I turned into a teenager, this behaviour increased excessively. Not only did keep hearing the phrase ‘a penny for your thoughts’ from my family, but my friends (especially the ones from the English speaking countries) started to throw this line at me very often.

Even at the age of two my thoughts would drift off to some place far far away

I don’t know why my mind works this like this. Sometimes I wished that I had a pause or stop button for my mind, but I don’t. My thoughts are always drifting from one place to another and they keep me occupied 24/7. I wouldn’t know where to begin if I were to share my thoughts with someone.

I know that this is one of the main causes of my insomnia, but I’ve learned to live with it. Like any other human being, I prefer the happy thoughts over the ‘complicated’ ones, but I don’t have control on this unfortunately. However, I am very blessed and grateful to have people in my life who (without knowing it) always manage to do something to make me smile and let my mind rest for a moment.
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