29 June 2011

'I love you'

I, love and you: three simple words, but once put together, all the simplicity disappears. The depth of these words combined is so profound that it’s almost impossible to describe. I often wonder why some people can use these words so often and so easily.

You have different kinds of love: the love for your family, friends, something you like and the love for your significant other. Within all things that I’ve just mentioned, these kinds of love have got different levels of depth, but how come we only have three words to express these levels of love?

I myself have rarely said ‘I love you’ during my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my nieces, nephews and friends to death, but I’ve never said these three words to anyone of them. Saying ‘love you’ is not the same as ‘I love you’. To me, this sentence is meant for the one, my soul mate, my significant other.

Because these three words have such a profound meaning to me, I can't understand how some people can throw these words out so easily. Sometimes I feel like an ‘I love you’ is like a ‘hi, how are you?’ to them. If it’s so easy for you to say these three words to everybody around you, then how do you express your feelings to someone who even means more than that?? By using these three words so often, the true meaning of the sentence kinda loses its value doesn’t it?

I, LOVE and YOU might seem like three simple words, but they really aren’t. Here’s my advice to you: make sure that you mean what you say to the people who you say it to. Words are not just words, they can mean the world to someone so don’t throw it around like it’s nothing!
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