20 June 2011

Lousy friend

Some of my great friends

Friends are one of the most important things in life for me. I´ve been blessed with many great friends, whom I´ve been taking for granted lately. I´ve been too occupied with my own life, but this is gonna change. I´ll do my best to be a better friend as of this moment!

The Walsall group and me @ Taizé during the summer of 2011

One of the first things that I´ll do is to catch up with my dear friends in Walsall (England). I’ve met this group of wonderful people in Taizé during the summer of 2001. I instantly connected with them and we’ve been friends ever since. I haven’t seen them for a long long long time, but have just booked a flight to go and see them in less than a month. :-)

Paul & Claire

I seriously cannot wait to see them again. I especially want to know how Paul and Claire are doing. Paul and I have been very good friends eversince that summer in 2001, but lately we've been a out of touch. We both have been busy with our own lives I guess. All I know now is that we've got a lot to catch up on. And Claire, my partner in crime... Our personalities match perfectly. The huge difference between now and since I last saw her is that Claire's a mommy now! Can't wait to come over to hang out with Claire and meet little miss Heidi.

Walsall be prepared, because we shall reunite again very soon!!
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