25 June 2011


Volunteering comes together with dedication for me. People volunteer because they stand behind the work that they do. They don't need acknowledgement in terms of payment, because they do this act or deed from the heart. I was reminded of this again this evening.

I just got back from a hip hop party that was organised in name of the organisation that I work for. To be able to organise these kind of parties for the youth in my hometown, you need a group of volunteers who provide their help to make it happen. Today, I saw a group of dedicated youth who have been volunteering for ‘van Houten&co’ (organisation that I currently work for) for years.

Their dedication reminded me of the true meaning of volunteering. People often ask me why I’m a volunteer for different organisations and why I often don’t ask a contribution for the work that I provide. Well, it’s simple: I love being able to help out. Of course, I need an income to survive. This is where my paying job comes in. When I earn enough to get by, the thing that I love most is to help people/organisations (whom I believe in) out.

Although my interest in the kind volunteering work is different from the youth that helped out today, our motives to volunteer is the same. I remember a quote that was used in the movie Pearl Harbor (2001):

‘There’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.’
Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle

This quote says it all for me. The only thing that we all need to be careful of is never to take our volunteers (or people who volunteer in general) for granted. When you have the opportunity to thank them, then do so. Most volunteers probably don’t find it necessary to hear, but it never hurts to show your gratitude and your appreciation.

I know that the volunteers of ‘van Houten&co’ probably won’t read my blog, but I would like to thank them anyway:

Thank you for all the work that you do for us!!

Much love,
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