01 January 2011


Let me start by wishing all of you a very happy 2011. May it be a year full of hope, love, health, joy, luck, happiness and above all:

a year full of infinite possibilities that will make you live life to the fullest!!

It’s only the first day of the new year and already so many memories have been made. I’ve had a wonderful time saying goodbye 2010 and welcoming 2011. It all started with the fireworks of course. I LOVE firework... despite of the ‘waste of money’ and pollution, it sure is a thrill to me. Even as a little girl, I have always been fascinated by it. Yesterday, it was so much fun to see that my youngest niece Lan-Anh (Amy) getting into it as well. Maybe it’s because of the Asian roots ;-)

Lan-Anh aka Amy

It was fun to blast into the new year. 2011 will be a year with many ones, like today: 1/1/11. To me one stands for first, therefore I think that it's a good year for many first... I’m not the New Year’s resolution type, but this year feels different and maybe it’s good to have my ‘first’ resolutions in 2011.

Besides from registering all my first things in 2011, this resolution will also trigger me to do many first things in life. This way I will get closer to fulfil my to-do-list in life. (might share this list with you someday)

I want to live 2011 to the fullest so that I can look back in 364 days and say that I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. I know that this is wishful thinking, but I’ll do my best to live up to this ‘resolution’ the best way I can. So ‘live life to the fullest’ was not only my wish for all of you in my previous post, but it will be my biggest wish for myself as well...

On to many many many first this year!

Lots of love and a huge New Years hug to you all,

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