08 March 2011

Letter to Heaven

I’d like to share an anecdote of today with you... When I came home from work my niece (4 years old) ran up to me and asked: ‘auntie, auntie I need an envelope!!’. It seemed to be very important to her so I went straight ahead and got her an envelope. She put her drawing in it and wanted me to write ‘Heaven’ on it. It was then when I realised what she was trying to do.

She wanted to send my cousin -who’s no longer with us on earth- a drawing to let him know that we miss him dearly. She was only two years old when my cousin passed away, but she remembers him through the stories that I tell her about him. I never expected that she would understand the depth of loss and emotion that well at her age. This just proves that you should never underestimate children and their ability of understanding.

I truly wished that I could mail her drawing to heaven, because we are missing him a lot down here. Let’s just hope that he’s having a blast up there and smiling down on us while being very proud of his wise little niece!
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