07 March 2011

Sweet goodbyes

‘I hate goodbyes, but then who doesn’t? I haven’t exactly made it easy for myself by leaving so often. Leaving comes together with goodbyes. My previous journeys has taught me that I’ll never see most of the people whom I’ve met again and that is okay, because the memories that we’ve made will last and remain in my heart for a lifetime.’

This is a paragraph from one of my previous blogs. People who know me, know that I hate goodbyes. I’ve had to say goodbye too many times in my life. Of course you have different kinds of goodbyes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one is easier than the other. The thing that I always remind myself of -when it comes to goodbyes- is that the time that I’ve had at one place must have been good, otherwise I wouldn’t mind leaving.

I have another goodbye coming up this week. I’m starting my new job as a youth worker next Monday, which means that I’ll be leaving my current job at the ONVZ (health insurance). I’m very excited to take on this job, because working with youth truly is my passion. I just need to make that ‘switch’ over the weekend first. My time working at the ONVZ has been good. The job might not be what I want for my future, but the department that I worked at made it all worth it. I’ve said goodbye to them before (last year when I was leaving for Vietnam) and never expected to return again so this ‘extra’ time has been a huge blessing.

I’ll be enjoying my colleagues company for a few more days and I will definitely devote another (more expanded) blog about them next time.
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