31 January 2011

Age aint nothing but a number

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I have always said that I would never date anyone who is younger than I am. I don’t mind others doing it - not at all - but to me it just seems unnatural. This matter has always been a point of discussion between my friends and myself. Lately it has come up very often and it has kept my mind working overtime.

You cannot control who you fall in love with, this I have to agree with my friends. The only difference between my friends and I is that I don’t fall in love that easily. I cannot meer someone and immediately announce to the world that ‘I’m in love’... I never have and never will. This is just not how my mind or my heart works.

Falling in love is a slow process for me. I get to know my significant-other-to-be first. My feelings are not released until I’m sure that it might work out, until I’m sure that he could be the one. If I were to discover that he is younger than I am, even if it’s only for a second, no feelings or thoughts toward that road will be released. I know that it sounds very theoretical and practical in a way, but this has always been the case if you look at my past.

I seriously don’t have any problems with other relationships where the male is younger than the female. This is the situation in many of my best friends’ relationships. I can see and have experienced first hand that they are very happy together, but somehow I just cannot see this happening for myself.

The other thing that I don’t have a problem with is when people are in a relationship with a huge age difference. For instance, my dad is almost a decade older than my mom. Just as long as both parties are mature enough to take on the relationship, than who am I to judge?

And yet, I cannot see myself with a guy who is way older than I am either. Am I really that picky when it comes to age & love? Or is it that I’ve only had relationships with guys who were 1,5 till 2 years older than I am?

Easier said than done!

Come what may, when it comes to love you can’t really choose can you? Love probably truly is just a number when you fall head over heels. I like to be in control, even when it comes to fall in love. Maybe it’s time for me to learn that sometimes it’s best to let things go, take a leap of faith. Well this is easier said than done for me so it will be a continues learning process. Lucky for me, there will be plenty of guys out there who are older than I am... I just need to find that mister right!! :-)
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