12 January 2011

Wreck This Journal

A couple of months ago, I came across this book called ‘Wreck This Journal’ via a former university buddy. This book has been my favourite give-away-present ever since. One of my friends in the UK knew about this so he gave me the book as well for Christmas.

This journal has been keeping me occupied for nights. I’m very tidy when it comes to books and writing in my journals. Maybe this is why my friend decided to give me the book, because the purpose of it is to follow the instructions on each page and slowly, but surely, wreck the journal. I must admit that I couldn’t bear to ruin the pages at first, but now I’m starting to enjoy it.

The book has the most random ‘assignments’ that are open for your own interpretation. Some instructions are rather disgusting, but probably lots of fun to carry out. I’m saving most of these pages towards the end of my wrecking process.

Will definately post this page when I've washed it

It’s a very enjoyable time consuming project that I’m planning on following through. I’ll definitely post more pages of the journal on my blog in the future.

Well, that’s it for now... time to continue wrecking my journal! ;-)

Lots of love,
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