16 January 2011

'A Blog With Substance' Tag

I've been tagged....

Rules of this tag:

1.) Thank and link the one who has tagged you
I was tagged by Kittehs Cupcakes. They are two adorable sisters who have a very enjoyable blog about beauty, food, gadgets and many other things that occupy their everyday life. I would highly recommend anyone, especially all the Dutch ladies (since they’re blogging in Dutch), to check out their blog... like I do myself on a daily base! :-) Thanks very mucho for the tag ladies!!

2.) Describe your blog philosophy, motivation and experience in 5 words

First thing that come to my mind is:

Sharing thoughts about living life

Living life to the fullest and making each day count has been a life philosophy that I’ve been trying to live up to. You run into a lot of things while doing this and what better way than to share all these experiences with the rest of the world?

3.) Pass the tag forward to other bloggers who have substance in their blogs

I read a lot of blogs, but there are not many that I follow regularly. I’ll start doing this from now on though. Maybe it’s a good thing for me to actually start using my Bloglovin’ account. Anyways, I’m tagging:

Because of her odd taste in Korean music and boybands. Other than that, she does manage to find some trendsetting things on many occasions ;-P

Die zijn van Mus
This is a blog of my buddy Clemens (aka Mus) from high school. It’s not the typical blog, but more a collection of his work portfolio, which is pretty impressive if you ask me! Feel free to contact him of you need a logo. Or recommend him to anybody who needs a logo.

My cutest niece Cindy
She doesn’t blog on a regular base, but when she does, she sure knows how to put her ‘angry teenage thoughts’ into words!

My classmate Simone from university. She has a unique view on movies, books, games and music.
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