30 January 2011

Footprints & friends

I've been fortunate to have many people leaving footprints behind in my heart. I'm counting my blessings and feeling grateful and humbled. Take a moment and think about the friends who have left their footprints behind in your heart... doesn't this automatically put a smile on your face?

I've had a wonderful day with some good friends. These are the moments when I feel to highly favoured, because I have them who I can rely on 24/7. We often take our friends for granted, but what would you do without them? I know that I would be devestated. This is why I embrace these special moments that I'm able to share with them, because you never know how life will turn out to be.

Here's my advise for you: never ever take your friends for granted. Enjoy every moment that you get to share with them to the fullest!!


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